Monday, July 14, 2008


This week started out Awesome!! We played El Paso for the first time ever and had a great show. We loaded up immediately after the show and headed north to Red River, New Mexico. If you have never been there before you should go. The town is a ski resort in the winter and full of cool stuff to do in the summer. Randy grew up coming here every year as a kid. We spent the day there on rented mopeds (wish I had a pic to show you), Brady and Geoff did some fishing, Me and Sean hit up the frisbee golf course there in the mountains and played about 31 holes. Next time were back there will be with CCR and the Motercars! Roadtrip anyone?? After Red River we went to Denver and had the biggest crowd we have ever had there. Most everyone stayed up late partying. The next morning on the way to Fort Collins we were awaken around 9:30 on a broken down bus on the side of I25. They towed our bus off to the shop and our trailer to the Aggie Theater while we piled into a limo bus that we all thought was going to shake apart cause it was not built to do 75 down the hwy. The Ft. Collins show was amazing. We were exhausted but I think we play better when we get like that. It was another RRB record attendance for Ft. Collins. The next morning we all flew home. Here are a few pics I snapped of us dragging our bags down the side of the hwy.