Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo Shoot

Hello everybody.... Today was a long eventful fun day for the RRB. We got to have our picture taken. The scene of the shoot was in and around Club 21 in Uhland, Texas. A pretty cool place that you may have seen before. Like in Wade Bowen's, "God Bless this Town" video or more recently scenes from a newer movie, "Stop Loss".

We all showed up around noon and the stylists immediately started going through all of the clothes we brought and organized them on racks. We also had boxes of shirts from our wonderful sponsors Panhandle Slim. Once they figured out what each of us would wear for the first shoot, we had to go through hair and makeup. 

We took pictures all day, from noon till 8:30. We had several breaks though for wardrobe changes and to eat some really good mexican food. One shot we took we decided it would be fun to all jump on the count of 3. Well, I jumped on 3, did some kind of karate move and split my favorite jeans wide open! ha ha ha! I was kinda upset though. here are a few pics of our day of photos

We would like to thank everyone involved who made this day really fun, run so smooth, and hopefully made us look really cool. Here is a big group photo of all who were involved. Thanks again from the RRB family!