Sunday, July 27, 2008


This week was the week for golf! We played 2 rounds, Randy and Brady met Ben Crenshaw, and we all got honarary memberships to a country club in Austin!

 We played in Nacogdoches on Thursday at Woodland Hills golf course. Nice course for a municipal . At about the 13th hole the sky opened and we got poured on! We still played all 18. I killed everyone by about 12 shots.
 The next stop on the run was in Waco. Wade Bowen's dad lives there and he picked us up and took us to his country club that morning. We played teams, Randy and Wade's dad VS. me, Geoff, and Brady. We ended up tieing for the round. Wade's dad is bad ass! Its really nice to be able to get off that bus for a while and just be outdoors, sometimes that just isn't possible. Here are a couple of pics from waco

After golf in Waco, Wade's dad took us by the National Guard where we met a great bunch of soldiers on their way to Iraq. We signed some stuff, took pics, and got a few of them tickets to our show for their last night out before they left. Its and unbelievable sacrifice those guys chose to make for us! It was humbling to think those guys were headed overseas and I was just headed to the bar to play another concert. Id like to just say thanks to all of our men and women in the service of our country!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo Shoot

Hello everybody.... Today was a long eventful fun day for the RRB. We got to have our picture taken. The scene of the shoot was in and around Club 21 in Uhland, Texas. A pretty cool place that you may have seen before. Like in Wade Bowen's, "God Bless this Town" video or more recently scenes from a newer movie, "Stop Loss".

We all showed up around noon and the stylists immediately started going through all of the clothes we brought and organized them on racks. We also had boxes of shirts from our wonderful sponsors Panhandle Slim. Once they figured out what each of us would wear for the first shoot, we had to go through hair and makeup. 

We took pictures all day, from noon till 8:30. We had several breaks though for wardrobe changes and to eat some really good mexican food. One shot we took we decided it would be fun to all jump on the count of 3. Well, I jumped on 3, did some kind of karate move and split my favorite jeans wide open! ha ha ha! I was kinda upset though. here are a few pics of our day of photos

We would like to thank everyone involved who made this day really fun, run so smooth, and hopefully made us look really cool. Here is a big group photo of all who were involved. Thanks again from the RRB family!

Monday, July 14, 2008


This week started out Awesome!! We played El Paso for the first time ever and had a great show. We loaded up immediately after the show and headed north to Red River, New Mexico. If you have never been there before you should go. The town is a ski resort in the winter and full of cool stuff to do in the summer. Randy grew up coming here every year as a kid. We spent the day there on rented mopeds (wish I had a pic to show you), Brady and Geoff did some fishing, Me and Sean hit up the frisbee golf course there in the mountains and played about 31 holes. Next time were back there will be with CCR and the Motercars! Roadtrip anyone?? After Red River we went to Denver and had the biggest crowd we have ever had there. Most everyone stayed up late partying. The next morning on the way to Fort Collins we were awaken around 9:30 on a broken down bus on the side of I25. They towed our bus off to the shop and our trailer to the Aggie Theater while we piled into a limo bus that we all thought was going to shake apart cause it was not built to do 75 down the hwy. The Ft. Collins show was amazing. We were exhausted but I think we play better when we get like that. It was another RRB record attendance for Ft. Collins. The next morning we all flew home. Here are a few pics I snapped of us dragging our bags down the side of the hwy. 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Biggest Fan!

Drummers hardly ever get enough credit! We sit in the back, hide behind a wall of drums and cymbals. BUT.... when we go to Victoria I get my own cheering section. They scream Les F'n Lawless, made up a kind of "gang sign" by forming 2 L's with their hands, and even made T-Shirts. It makes me feel alot cooler than I am. The last time we were there we took a few pics and I let them rock out on my kit for a bit after the show. Id like to send out a special thanks to my crew in Victoria, you guys rock!

Opening For The Eagles!!!!

It was the first part of May. We all loaded up  on the big blue bus and headed west towards California for the first time since touring with Dierks and Miranda. We played a couple gigs on the way out there in New Mexico and Arizona. We were all surprised at the number of people that knew our songs in places we had never been before. We woke up in Indio, California to an absolutely beautiful day! Sunshine, no humidity, palm trees, mountains.... it was a perfect day.
 The venue was at polo fields and the festival was probably the biggest set up we had ever seen. It was hard believe that our little band from cheatham street warehouse was about to share the stage John Fogerty and The Eagles!  

This is a picture of me on the same big screen as the eagles album cover shown above. They had two of 
these screens on each side of the stage. I bet that
they were each a couple stories tall.
This is a photo of us waiting to take the stage. We were the first band on the main stage and the first 100 yards directly in front of the stage was reserved seating. well, most people with reserved seats don't rush out to see the first band at 5 in the afternoon. That made it a little weird because we are soo used to connecting with our crowd but they were a football field away. It was a great show and a real honor to play drums in the same spot that Don Henley would be playing a couple of hours later!

John Fogerty and The Eagles ROCKED!!! Afterwards everyone was arguing over who rocked the most. The consensus was that Fogerty slayed The Eagles. To me they were both equally amazing!